Wanted Looking for Moody 33 Slab Reef Main and Hank on Head Sails

Robert Feddes

Robert Feddes

I am in the process of becoming the owner of a Moody 33 from 1978 (don't know if it is mk1 or mk2).

It currently has furling headsails (2 genoas) and in boom furling.

I want to get rid of all the furling gear and go for mainsail with 4 reefs using slab reef system and hank on headsails.

I was just wondering if anyone has hank on headsails they would like to get rid of and perhaps exchange for furling system plus headsails.

Same question regarding mainsail, current setup is with profurl boom with main, curious if anyone is interested in a switch.

If you wonder why I want to get rid of all furling gear, I want to do at least one large crossing and prefer old school foolproof system.

Thank you.

Matt Winters

Hi, interested in the furling main system. Maybe PM me and we can chat about an exchange