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Please Read Providing Contact Details In Posts

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Neil Eccles

Neil Eccles
General Committee
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Website Editor
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Moody 42
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West Coast of France and North Coast Of Spain
Dear members,

If you post on this forum you MUST include external contact details. If you don't, the administrators are overwhelmed by requests from non members for your contacts.

We have dilemma here, since we only know your contacts because of our database. Our policy is never to divulge members details without asking them first. This is a ridiculous situation so what do we do???

The answer is plainly that members should put up a phone number or email address for everyone to see.

If this doesn't happen in the future we shall have to consider just deleting the posts.

Sorry to be hard, but we are a voluntary organisation and we have other lives to lead - like going sailing.


Not open for further replies.